Monday, September 27, 2010

In four short sleeps...

It's crazy to think that in 4 (very short) sleeps and 3 quick days my life will change. I don't just think it will change. I know it will change. God has been so very gracious to hand pick me for such a journey with an amazing team and to experience such an amazing change to come. It has been my prayer that God just open my heart and mind to anything he wants to show me about myself, about my life... anything. It is also my prayer that I be consistent with those things even after my return. I know God has great things in store for the "RoMed" team! The journey so far to this point has been one that I just love to share because it can only be written by the Lord himself... nothing I did... painted this picture that is about to unveiled. He has broken me, opened my eyes, humbled me, provided for me and held his truths (as always).  We serve such an amazing Savior and I am so blessed that He calls me his.

This past Friday, I went to a wonderful surgeon at Baptist Springhill to figure out all this discomfort and worry I have been experiencing. He said that it could be just a severe muscle strain, a small hernia or maybe even both. But (the good news) I am okay to travel! I cannot lift anything to heavy but I am at a very low risk of having the hernia rupture on this trip. What is even more neat: My doctor has been to Romania and made me feel more at ease about the health care there. Now, the hernia will need to be fixed with time because it will get bigger and bigger. But I can live with a diagnosis like that! Did I mention that God is so good?

During my trip, I will have times where I have access to the internet. As much as I would love to email individuals... this could be time consuming and I doubt I'll have much time! So to keep everyone (who is interested) updated I will update my blog about what God is doing and about the team! I cannot wait to share!

I am finalizing my packing (hopefully tomorrow!) I ask that prayers go up for all of the RoMed team. I pray everyone's suitcases meet weight limits, flight restrictions and customs guidelines to ensure a smooth travel. I pray for our supplies suitcases, that they make it with no issues and can be used to better the life of these amazing people in Romania. I pray for the hearts of the people that we will be touching. Maybe we'll just plant a seed, maybe we'll water the seed or maybe (how awesome) we could see a flower bloom from souls that need the Lord so desperately! In any case, I pray for them. I ask for prayers of safety, energy, love and endurance. The power of prayers are amazing... so don't forget!

I am heading to the missions service at Faith Missionary Baptist on Wednesday night! I will hopefully post one more time before I head out Friday morning!

Until next time.

Live. Laugh. Love.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Prayer Request!

Hey everyone! I am going to drop a short "prayer request blog" before I hit the bed tonight!
Tomorrow I am going for my ultra sound appointment for my hernia. After that hopefully things will move fast! I have a surgery consult Friday and surgery lined up for Monday to repair my hernia. I appreciate all of the prayers from everyone and encouraging words. I would like to send a special thanks to the FBC prayer group that prayed for my healing tonight. God certainly can heal me. I believe it. He is such an awesome God.

I promise to keep you guys posted! But pray, pray, pray! Pray for healing. Pray for the doctors handling my case. Pray for my sanity as I prepare and pack for my journey. Pray for my family as they endure this right along side me. (On that note, I seriously think my parents could single handedly run the world. They are the reason why I have a consult and surgery scheduled... all in one day!) Most of all, pray for the RoMed team that I will be apart of. I feel as though God has put a wonderful team together to do amazing things in Romania. Pray for our strength, spiritually and physically as we endure some tough work days ahead. But days that are surely going to be filled with abundant blessings and lessons learned. Pray for our safety as we complete 23 hours of travel!

God is so so good and has provided me a wonderful family, boyfriend and friends who all are so supportive and encouraging through this time.

Until my next update... hopefully soon following tomorrow!

Live. Laugh. Love.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Prayers, Peace. Patience.

In 10 days, I will be on my way to Romania! Time has FLOWN by. In true fashion (like with any big event), obstacles are beginning to take shape which can only be the enemy trying to dampen spirits. Luckily, I have a God bigger than any sitation big or small. Now, to pray for peace, patience and understanding, is a lot easier said than done. But I am asking for each and everyone of you to pray,  pray, pray!
For the last week or so I have been having pain in my lower right side. Most of the time it is just a dull ache but if I sneeze, cough, laugh or move suddenly just right it is a very sharp uncomfortable pain. So I paid the doc a visit to confirm that I have a hernia. They did run other tests (the results will be in in the a.m.... we hope) to rule out any infections. Next we'll have an ultra sounds and more likely than not a surgery to correct it. You could imagine my panic (and my parents panic) this situation when in 10 days I will be away from U.S. healthcare and in a foreign country! Crazy! 

So just pray for healing and pray for quickness but thoroughness by the right doctors! I appreciate everyone's excitement and encouraging words and prayers!! I'll keep everyone updated!

Live. Laugh. Love.


Friday, September 3, 2010

A month out!

Wow! I can hardly believe how fast time has flown by! Can you believe in about 3 1/2 months Christmas will be here... CHRISTMAS!!?!?? God has been so faithful to me this year and led me through some dark times. But with the dark times... he led me into some very bright moments in my life. I want to give a little update on my life since I have been really lacking on the blogging end... you know... being a big girl might do this to a girl. Haha!

I am ONE MONTH out from Romania... actually 27 days! I am so excited for what God has in store for our team that he is hand picked to do his work! I feel like I should be making lists and packing. I ought to get on that! I am just really curious on how to pack for the weather! I ask that everyone just pray for our team as we go and do A LOT of extractions in just a short 8 days! Pray that God will be evident in our spirits and the people of Brasov will see him through us. I get chills thinking about it! We recently had our "Packing  Party" where we have about 6 suitcases full of medicine and supplies ready to go! All of which are under 50 pounds! :)! God is so faithful to provide all of that for us! Any overseas traveling advice would be MUCH appreciated from anyone!

I am officially a team member of Burleson Family Dentistry as I have completed my 90-day probationary period. Can you believe, THREE MONTHS of working!? Crazy! I am so excited to see where God leads my career. I have grown so much in those short three months! God is so good and has blessed me endlessly already!

In late September, a wonderful woman named Barbara and I will be kicking off Secret Keeper Girls at FBC Cabot for girls ages 8 to 12! It is a study for Moms and Daughters! If you know anyone who would be interested! Have them contact me or sign up in the commons at FBC the next 3 Sunday mornings! I am so excited about this study and to get to know a new group of girls! God has really planted a seed in my heart for young women and has led me to some neat places with them!

9 months to the day I found out about my issues with cervical cancer, I am cancer free and abnormal cell free! Praise God for this. I will go for another check up in December but things are beginning to look promising! What a year?!

I have a wonderful "special someone" in my life who has caught me by complete surprise. He literally came out of no where in really unique timing. I am sure he will be making more appearances on my blog! But God has already blessed me through him and has shown me what a true sweetheart and gentleman and more importantly man of God looks like. I am so thankful for him and his little one, they have been my smile on days where I didn't think I could. God has shown me that he will provide whom he wants for me, not what I had set out for myself... and for that I am FOREVER grateful! 

Well, it is a big family weekend for this Labor Day weekend! I pray that everyone has a safe holiday and be smart! Enjoy the people God has provided in your life and don't take them for granted.

Today is a great day because God let me laugh with my "recycled teenager" of a Grandma (yes she did say that herself! Haha).

Live. Laugh. Love.