Tuesday, December 25, 2012


It's hard to believe another year has flashed by us again and is coming to a close. Now, I must get in the habit of writing 2013! It doesn't even seem possible. 2012 has been a year with many descriptions: wonderful, exciting, hard and lesson filled to name a few. I began to type a Facebook status and realized it was too long to cover what was on my heart to say.

We knew good and well going into 2012 that Jon would be apart from us during the holiday season. No matter how "prepared" you make yourself, it is still hard to enter into a season that is supposed to be bright and cheerful when your world, although blessed, seems a little dim. Missing anyone, wether they live 1,000s of miles away, a deployment separates you, you've lost your loved one or unfortunate circumstances have separated you, leaves an empty place at your table and in your heart in a time where family is so present. We can never understand why God sets us on certain paths to endure the trials and experiences that we face. But in the times that seem so uncertain, we have Emanuel. You hear this name for our Lord, all throughout the holiday season in songs, see it on our christmas decorations and take it in at church. It is such a powerful name with the meaning, "God with us." I have held Emanuel close to my heart this season and have realized how often I forget, at all times of the year, that God is ever present ALWAYS, in my time of need. What a blessing and a comfort is it to know that I am NEVER alone, even when loneliness seems to out weight my faith at times.

Although my Christmas was not white.... even though the entire state had one. I made it out of the other side of this season with a little sadness but also full of love. I got to have some wonderful time with my family and experience my nephew's 1st Christmas! God is good, all the time. I take hope in knowing that 2013 will bring my husband home but also, I will have him for holidays in the future either in Arkansas or somewhere completely different, and I am ok with that for I will always have Emanuel.

I can't wait for 2013 because we will have some BIG news and changes coming our way! Stay tuned! (No, not a baby for those of you who are on the watch! Haha!)

Merry Christmas and Happy New years to you and yours.

Live. Laugh. Love. Emanuel.