Saturday, April 3, 2010

God is so good...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday! It has been such a crazy two weeks for me but oh so blessed!

April 3rd was 5 years since my good friend Brady passed away. It seems like forever ago but his memories still lie within me. Brady was such an incredible person and has left such an amazing legacy because he truly touched everyone he came in contact with. I miss him and I miss his "pep talks" we used to have when he always knew I was feeling down. I carry my promise with me every where I go that we wrote at MFUGE 2004. I hope that I'm at least 1/2 the person he was spiritually. I think of him a lot and he inspires me to be something better. I love you, Brady Hooper... for changing my life!

Easter is such a busy but neat time of year. We tend to forget what this is all about amidst the Easter Bunny, Eggs, and Easter Dinner. This year I thought a lot about Palm Sunday and Good Friday. Imagine being Jesus. He knew. He knew he would be praised and paraded around town and loved on by people and then just a few short days later, hang to a cross, nailed... pierced... beaten and ridiculed. They wanted him dead. Jesus knew. It said that Jesus was agonizing over what was going to happen in the garden of Gethsemane. So stressed he was sweating blood.  If you have ever seen Passion of the Christ, although not a movie that you would find yourself popping in on a Friday night, it is an amazing depiction on the true sacrifice and story of our Savior. Jesus, although most though he was over...dead... done for and put in a tomb: God is a God of promises and hope. Jesus died on the cross for me... selfish give me a world better than a dream. But he did it. Thank you, Jesus. 

Life will be changing so much this next month, I have clinical boards I have to think about now that National Boards are out of the way! Just pray for my sanity during this time! God has been so incredibly faithful to me during this process of discovering my career! Then I graduate and hopefully have a job... how crazy?! Where did 4 years go... I really have no clue at all! I have my check up on May 10th dealing with the cervical cancer, please be praying for God's healing power and in any event... my understanding and trust in such a wonderful God.

Today was a good day because Jesus Christ died on the cross for me (and does daily) so that I may have everlasting life... that is amazing.

Until next time... Live. Laugh. Love.