Friday, February 15, 2013

The Roe's are about to endure some very BIG changes!

I'll first let you ponder on this picture for a little bit... isn't it beautiful? Any guesses as to where it is? I'll reveal the answer soon...

Can I just say... HE'S HOME. HE'S HOME. He's FINALLY home. After a lot of back and forth, Jon came home to us safe on January 23rd and it was a great day! The last 5 months have tested us and we found the end of it closer and ready for all the big changes we are about to face this year. But before we get those I'll share a couple more things from the homecoming to now...

After Jon's arrival, we ventured onto Phoenix where we had a fantastic visit with his family! It felt great to feel "whole" again with everyone around. During our stay, Jon and I took a day/night trip to Sedona for some R&R at La'Auberge and took in the beautiful scenery of the red rock. If you are ever in Sedona... La'Auberge is the place to stay. We stayed in a small quiet cabin on a creek where the weather was perfect! The cabin even has an outdoor cedar shower... it is quite awesome! We took in some sight seeing, wine tasting and also olive oil tasting where I was introduced to infused olive oil and bought a lot to help me in my culinary efforts! After that, we caught a little bit of the Super Bowl but then later enjoyed a dinner at the restaurant on site. It was spectacular!! I was hoping to upload more photos but the computer is saying otherwise! But all in all, it was a great visit with a lot of interesting happenings! 

Now we are back to work and beginning to get back to "normal." But our normal is about to become very different for quite some time! Any guesses still on the first picture posted? Give up? Well, that picture reveals our big change. The Roe's... are moving. My loving husband knew how to break the news of such a large move to my small town, i've-only-lived-in-Arkansas heart... for this will be my first move away from my home state that I truly do love with all my heart. I have dear friends and memories that I will hold onto but I am opening up to this change. Jon explains to me that he has bought me a gift and asked if I wanted to open it! Of course I say.. "um, yes!" What girl doesn't love presents, right? He then says it is a PCSing/early Christmas gift of sorts. The letters PCS for those of you who aren't familiar means changing bases and moving. I'll have to admit... my heart dropped but we knew this was coming and have been expecting to hear any day now. He asked me if I wanted to know and my reply was about the same as the present. The gift... a Canon EOS 60D with macro and landscape/panorama lenses! I was so excited because I have been wanting a better camera for a while now, the more I have been interested in dabbling in photography. FAIR WARNING: There will be many Ethan pictures to test my new camera with! Haha! Jon tells me to look on the Ipad to see where our next home will be. I open it up and I see where we will be heading. I was excited when I slid the cursor to the side and saw this beautiful place. The excitement was met with tears... both happy and sad. I'm sure I'll post more about these huge changes that Jon and I will face but also the changes that are coming to me personally through this move. I look forward to streamlining this life that I have made busy and am fully prepared to become God's canvas to do with me what he wishes for in all of this... he has purpose. So are you ready to know now that I have drug this on....

This is the place that we will call home for the next 4-5 years. The place Jon and I will buy our first home. The place we will hopefully bring our first child into the world to. There are so many big mile stones that we will pass there and all the while... I know God will be ever present. So, ready or not Tucson, Arizona.... The Roe's are coming and we can't wait! We will be stationed at Davis Monthan AFB where Jon will fly HC-130 J's that are apart of a rescue squadron. Our families are excited and Jon is VERY excited not only about the mission of the plane but to be back in his home for a while! We are unsure of our timeline right now but Jon will complete J model school here in Little Rock and then we will be on our way to Albuquerque for rescue school. After that, we will finally move to Arizona! 

Well, that's all she wrote for now but I am sure we will keep you updated with more as we know it. I feel that this will be my mode of contact as we say bye to friends and family! So hopefully the blog will get a little more love! Any who, Jon and I thank you for your constant support and love! We definitely consider it a blessing!

Live. Laugh. Love. and HOLA TUCSON!