Wednesday, July 24, 2013

To the west... just not as far as we thought!

The past 5 months have been exciting, disappointing, emotional, scary and just downright unpredictable! But I figure, there's a lot more of that coming as long as the the military is picking our next home, right? In all the emotions, I'm excited to say we have what seems to be a pretty firm plan that God has pleasantly surprised us with. So... I look back and ask myself, "Why did I worry all along, when the plans for our life are indeed not our own... their God's?" We asked God many questions as we were told we were no longer moving to Arizona and that something different was coming down the pipe. We thought at certain points we were going to be living on one coast...and then the other... but we finally found an "even" ground if you will or uneven if we want to get technical!

Today I sat in front of one of the wonderful dentists that I work for and shared our exciting news and made known the bitter/sweet realization that I will be departing such a special office at the end of September. Any hygienist who has found their way to a practice that feels like a home and most patient's you see feel like family... will realize the thought of leaving makes you hug your favorite patient's a little tighter and savor the moments your with your great coworkers a little more. Both of which I have been blessed to have. After I work my final day, I'll be headed off for my 2nd mission trip to Romania. Needless to say, I couldn't be more excited about going back to the place where a large piece of my heart has been for almost 3 years now. I can't wait to share what God will do through our team!

When I head home, we will begin the cleaning, organizing and packing our home for the big move.

So, that's the big detail! The Roe's are headed to Colorado Springs, Colorado where Jon will be a flight instructor at the US Air Force Academy. It is a dream come true and we are VERY thrilled. It'll be a 3 month period of change... that's for sure. I have never stepped foot or even breathed in the state of Colorado. The first time we go over Labor Day... we are in the hunt to buy a house. Talk about overwhelming this little Arkansas girl's ever loving heart. Haha! But no really... think about that.

I ask that you please be in prayer for us as we make some big decisions over the next couple of months and also as I begin my application with the DoD to pursue dental hygiene and also research clinics in the CO Springs area.

God is good all the time. He certainly is bigger than any decision we face, as He is the One who is the author of our story that we are about to read for the first time! How cool is that?

Live. Laugh. Love. And Let's move!