Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Today is a good day... yes it is.

I had a patient today in clinic who asked me to call him "Charlie." Charlie is probably one of the sweetest elderly patients I have EVER had at the VA hospital. I was getting started with all of my stuff and I began talking with him while I worked (yes, I AM the hygienist that talks to my patients with my hands in their mouth like they can talk back, Ha Ha) and I quickly learned that Charlie was a very neat person with a very neat story. He began to tell me how he fought it WWII and he goes around to schools, clubs and churches and speaks about his amazing story! I learned that he was a crew member on a B17 that was shot down over Germany during a bombing mission. After falling several thousand feet at a pretty high velocity, Charlie found that he was the only survivor of this horrific crash. He was able to walk from the rubble only to be confronted by a German solider. Charlie said "That German looked at me and I knew then and there that he'd probably kill me, take my dog tags and turn them into American Headquarters and say he found me dead. But as he looked at me, he looked at the destruction at which I had walked from and he turned his back and spared me." I said to Charlie, "Wow, God had something really amazing planned for you because obviously he wanted you here. God has a funny way of putting us right where he wants us." Charlie looked at me and said, "You know, you are right. God knows even when we ask 'why.'" Charlie is right.

God, you have such a way of bringing things to my attention and preparing me so I can better listen to you. Thank you. Thank you for my blessing of Charlie today! You knew I'd need him and his knowledge!

Prepare yourself for a more personal note here but it's my blog I'm allowed! Feel free to quit reading! I had been having a pain in just one spot on my left breast. I felt around that area to find something very "sobering" (if you will)... a lump. I tried to think maybe this is normal (and it may be...) but it is a large lump and I can't deny that. So, I went to my Mom and she showed concern too.  More opinions... more concern. After my cervical issues in January and February... it is very sobering and I'm not going to lie... the "what ifs" and "why God's" are really hard to avoid. But Charlie is right, God knows why and what, even though I will question him to no end. God doesn't make mistakes ever. So I ask for prayers as we figure out what this lump is and I will keep posting in the days ahead.

Heavenly Father, thank you for providing me with peace.

Now normally, I post "Today is a good day because" to remember the happy lady in the post office line the day I found out about the Cervical stuff and to remember that Today is ALWAYS a good day when it is spent in the Lord's company! But today... I'm going to post the original "Today is a good day." Today is a good day because the Lord let me wake up and see another day. Today is a good day because God has provided a way for me and is patient with me! Today is a good day.

Until next time.
Live. Laugh. Love.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Almost over!

Wow! I realized.. it's been nearly two months since I have posted! But... boards kind of take me over! So I better get this thing caught up!

Well!! I have turned 22 since the 7th and I have had some neat things happening in my life!

Tomorrow I am about to conclude my "Esther" study! I am so excited about what the study has done! I know these girls have touched my life in such a way that I can't even explain. It's been really excited to see two of "my girls" go forward with professions of faith. Aside from Esther, the wonderful women of the Girls Ministry have embraced me and involved me with a very exciting event coming to Truman, AR. It is a Mom and Daughter day in which they get to hear the real scoop on real life issues. I am speaking about inner garbage and the things that can contribute to it. More importantly, I get to share the message of what God says about it all and the promises he has given us! I am truly excited about it!!

I took my National Dental Hygiene Board Exam this past Monday. I am so relieved it is over!! Yet, the waiting has begun and I feel nervous again! I feel good about my exam but I will feel even better when I see that I passed. It has been a whirl wind of a semester and I look back and I can say I am proud because I studied my hardest and I knew my stuff. Of course, I didn't know everything... but really no one ever will. I feel weird that I am not freaking out about it all but it is comforting to know that the Lord has given me the peace I prayed for. Thanks God!

After I took my test, the parents and I went to go visit my sister and her hubby! I was so excited because it's been 2 1/2 months since I have seen her! Definitely the longest in our lives that we have ever been separated! I refuse to let it be that long again!  It was a good time though! I fell in LOVE with that city, it is a lot of fun!

I am going to Romania... FOR SURE in the Fall! God has such a very neat way of working things out! Sandy, a lady that I have known since I was a young teen (for those of you who know my family really well.. Drew's mother), has been asking me to go to Romania... for probably close to two years (since I started hygiene school). I would always have some excuse as to why it wouldn't work: school, pageants, money, passport and other obligations. How selfish... I'm almost embarrassed to say all of that. But this is all very humbling. I knew I really wanted to go so I started saying sure but all the while keeping my selfish wants in the forefront. Well behold... God showed me what he wanted in the forefront. (This is totally where the neat part starts!) From stuff with the passport, timing, stress and worrying about a job, I began to freak out about everything on my plate... the main thing being a pageant on April 3rd. I cried "God, how am I going to do all of this stuff with boards, jobs, and things to pay for!! Help me!" Me being selfish... I said I'm stressed. I'm doing this pageant and the rest will fall in line. (Most of you know how many prelims I've done this year without win... all for good reason). Shortly after my plead with God and my selfish moment. Sandy came in to get Drew and asks "Melissa, are you going to Romania!?" I gave her the usual... "well boards and school and a job.. passport stuff... and the pageant... I'll get back to you." (again, quite ashamed...) So Sandy (and Jesus) clearly say: "Okay, here are the guidelines for this: I need to know you are going by April 3rd (I think to myself: OMG the day of the pageant. I think I can now see God laughing at me a little) and all you have to put down right now is 100 dollars (I think again: OMG that's the amount of money I was spending for the pageant. God is probably smiling me at this point saying... OKAY goofy... hear me now!?). I was silenced. My Mom and Sandy leave and just sheer embarrassment flooded over me and it was quite obvious how selfish I had been and where God wanted me to be... not doing this pageant but doing his work in Romania. Luckily for me my passport will be in in plenty of time... which was a worry! I cannot wait to see what God has in store and I thank the Lord for being SO blunt with me. :)

Today is a good day: because I realized Jesus calls me daily even when I dont deserve it. He never gives up.

Until next time...
Live. Laugh. Love.