Tuesday, April 2, 2013

8 years ago...

I'll have to admit that I am sitting here hoping to write something remotely good enough to convey how awesome Brady was and honestly how he impacted my life in a way that forever changed me. I'm not sure that I can even use the right words to describe him. As I told my Mom just a bit ago, it still hurts... I still miss him. I know I am not alone in all of those feelings.

Brady was a larger than life person. I feel like I will be lucky to be 1/2 the person he was, even at the tender age of 18. He had a fire for the Lord and it was contagious. He pushed all of our youth group to go all out in our faith and be the "building blocks" of our little bubble of Cabot High School. He was a leader at church, in his ROTC group and with his friends. He led by example and he always was so honest in telling you exactly how he felt. God used him in such a mighty way to touch all of those he came into contact with... and beyond to others he had never met. He left a legacy because he chose to love people and always follow his heart.

I remember the day well. I actually remember what I was watching on the TV with my Dad, what I was eating, the weather that Sunday afternoon and even what I was wearing when I received the phone call. April 3rd, 2005 this world lost one of the most special people I've ever known and I was beyond blessed to call him friend and my brother in Christ. I say that day forever changed me for a couple of reasons. I feel like it took a sense of innocence away from me and shed light on the harsh realities of life and how quickly it can change and those that you love the most can be taken in just a sheer second of time. That day lit a fire under me, to be a "Brady," to every one I came into contact with and "Love God. Love People," just as he did and encouraged our small group to do. I feel like it is what drives my heart for serving people and for missions. But most importantly, as we celebrated Brady's life... I saw the impact that he had made in our small town and much further beyond. He made an impact by following God and holding his calling and commandments close to him. I couldn't help but look behind me from where I sat in the pew and know that God was telling him "Well done, my good and faithful servant. Well done."What a testimony. What an amazing gift of life. What a blessing to have known Brady.

Tomorrow, although it does bring sadness for the loss of a great friend... It reignites that flame inside of me that is fueled by his legacy. I could never thank God enough, for putting him in my life to be one of the greatest examples of how God intends us to minister and love His people. I pray that I can touch others just as Brady did.

As the sun set on April 3rd, a group of us sat in a drive way with a guitar and the sound of our voices singing every praise and worship song we knew to seek comfort and peace that only Jesus can provide.  But one we sang over and over, and of course, it was one of his favorites... "Blessed Be Your Name." I can't help but sing this song and think of Brady, even to this day. It reminds us that God calls us to praise Him through the good and through the storms in our lives.  I encourage you, if you have never heard it to google it and give it  listen. You will be touched. I'm sure of it.

Thank you, God, for giving me the blessing of knowing Brady and impressing upon me his fire for you. May everyone who knew him... remember to "Love God. Love People" everyday that we can...