Thursday, October 1, 2015

Here We Go!

     Whew! What a whirlwind week! I am on my flight to Arkansas and it is so surreal to be sitting on this plane. It's crazy to think that I've been preparing for months for this very week because I knew the hurdles that I had to jump over all at once and here it is...over. I can finally "be in the moment" as our team departure for Romania is tomorrow. This trip has already started out so different than all the others that I have been blessed to go on. I've always been working full time in a private practice and my build up to the trip is really gradual. I would have time in the evenings or my day off to prepare and also get to be apart of the packing process of our team's supplies. This time around, obviously, my life is significantly different. I am in Colorado, so all of my correspondence has been through phone and e-mail. I am a full time student and I even work at school. So, basically, I live there (Ha... but no really). I often have no words when I think about that. God is so good for when I thought there was no way I could do what I am doing... HE DID. Two years ago as I departed Romania, this life I am living was just a goal and a dream planted in my heart. Many times during those following months after I came home and we made our move to Colorado, my faith was tested to its core and I spent a lot of time learning to not only give everything over to God but truly surrender every fiber of my being, every doubt, every fear, all the vanity I held onto to hear His plan for me. When I finally did, God revealed that His plan was the one on my heart and RIGHT NOW was the time to begin it. I have never looked back and have only pressed this far into my journey because I am living by His design. So, to be here on this small cramped up plane, is such a testament and proof of God's unending faithfulness and love. I am very fortunate to have professors that allowed me to turn in assignments early, quiz and test early/late and drop assignments and labs all together to alleviate my stress. It was a roller coaster of a week to get through three tests, five assignments and a challenging lab this week but it happened.

     I am so blessed and excited to be able to return to the very mission that concreted my want to become a dentist and go down this path I have been called to walked on. God knows I have longed to return because I so desperately love Romania, my sweet friends there and it's precious people. I can't describe that feeling to feel so at home and hold so much love for a place that is quite different from where I live. It's foreign but it feels so familiar. The peace I feel there is undeniable and I know God will only expound upon that and let me relight the fire to keep me pressing on this journey. Who knows, hopefully one day, I'll be going as a dentist and able to do so much more. That excites me.

I am so overwhelmed at the response to be apart of my email updates through this blog. Each email address I added to the group, made my heart fill to the brim with love. So, thank you, to everyone who prayed for, encouraged and supported me and the RoMed 2015 team. I cannot wait to share the blessings that are awaiting us just "over the pond!" Until then, I ask that you continue to pray for our team's travel safety and that ALL of our supplies and luggage make it and all in one piece. Although, if you haven't read my "I saw the light" story from two years ago on our 2013 trip, scroll back a couple of years and read it, I am totally okay with a divine meeting and losing of luggage like that.

I'll leave you with some questions to think about, as I have been asked a lot about the act of service this week. Is there something that you feel like God is calling you to do? Is it something that you would never place for yourself? Is it something that terrifies you? Is it outside of your comfort zone? I challenge you to really dig deep to the calls to service in your life and answer the call. There are people and situations out there that could be waiting for your words, your touch and your love. And most certainly, there's uncovered blessings from God waiting for you, to show you love, mercy, grace and His plan.

Until next time!

Live. Love. Here We Go!


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  1. Safe travels toots! May the Almighty Lord place His protective hands over u & ur team.